We are introducing Bitcoins payment option!

We are stepping towards the future and becoming the first club in the Czech Republic, where you can pay the entry by cryptocurrency! (e.g. Bitcoins) READ MORE BELOW >>>

We are introducing Bitcoins payment option!

Pay the entry with a wallet in your smartphone as easily as sending an SMS. Starting 13th October 2017, we introduce the ability to pay by the most popular cryptocurrencies - Bitcoins, Litecoins and Ethereum.


What is cryptocurrency? 

Cryptocurrency is an internet decentralized currency. Bitcoin is the best-known cryptocurrency nowadays. Bitcoin originated in 2009 as an alternative to official currencies, today is the world's leading cyber currency. It is created by a network of computers with specialized software programmed to release new virtual coins at a steady pace.

The main advantage of the cryptocurrencies is full decentralization. This means that no one, any author or government, can influence, counterfeit or cause inflation. Other features of cryptocurrencies include transparency, minimum transaction fees and the ability to cancel the payment.

Other famous cryptocurrencies: Ripple, Dash, Monero, Neo etc.

How is the payment by cryptocurrencies processed?

It's actually quite simple. At the club's cash desk the entry fee will be converted according to the current rate of the cryptocurrency and you will send this amount from your mobile by scanning the QR code. You need a smartphone, a pre-installed Bitcoin app or other wallet, and an internet connection. If you do not have the data, you can connect to the free Wi-Fi of Storm Club Prague.

All payment transactions are processes through Bitcoin wallets and they are secured with a special digital signature. Everything is safe.

You will receive a classic receipt in CZK.


Learn more how cryptocurrencies working in this video or read more information on the official Bitcoin site.


  • How to install Bitcoin wallet?
    • Install a software for bitcoin wallet. Generate an unique address, which will serve you as an “account number”. Now you can pay by Bitcoins. 
  • Is it safe? 
    • Yes, you do not have to worry. Thanks to the revolutionary decentralized technology for the transmission of "digital currencies", the whole system is transparent and therefore secure. Transactions are made through bitcoin wallets and are provided with special security digital signature.
    • In order to avoid frauds from hackers, there are Miners, who verify the authenticity of transactions by solving complex mathematical operations. Miners authorize payments and also get the newly released, mined bitcoins.
  • How to buy cryptocurrency?
    • There are 3 ways how to buy Bitcoins:

1)      Bitcoin market (eg.  Coinbase.com)

2)      Bitcoin ATM (find them on Coinatmradar)

3)      Personally with any cryptocurrency holder (find them on localbitcoins)


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